Frequently Asked Questions


How do I setup an account with Templi?

Select the Menu in the upper right corner.
At the top-middle area of the menu, select Create Account.

How do I reset my password?

Select the Menu in the upper right corner.
Select Sign In at the top of the page.
Select Forgot password.
You will then receive an email to finalize your password reset.

Do I need an account to use Templi?

You will only need an account to place an order.


Is it possible to see a blank sample before I place my order?

Absolutely! Simply send us an email with your shipping address and UPS account number if you have one. This way you can touch and feel the quality of our items prior to moving forward.

Does Templi offer custom printed samples?

Templi is not able to offer custom printed samples through our website. In some cases, we can offer off-line options for an additional cost.


Am I able to order less than the minimum quantity shown on the website?

Unfortunately, the minimum quantity listed on each product’s specification area is the absolute minimum. Multiple sizes cannot be combined to meet the minimum quantity of a specific size or product. We are here to help you accomplish your production goals even if it’s not by way of Templi. Contact us so that we can make an alternative recommendation on how you can produce your order at smaller quantities if needed.

How do I order a higher quantity than what’s listed on the website?

Please contact us if you need pricing on quantities higher than what’s listed. At higher quantities, we can take more information into consideration to give you a better price.

Where are the Templi products made?

All items listed on our website are proudly Made in USA and follow strict production & safety guidelines. We currently manufacture in New Jersey, New York, Nevada, Florida, Colorado and Tennessee.

Are your products recyclable?

All of our products are recyclable. Please refer to each product’s specification list for additional information. Paper products are biodegradable and are a renewable resource, unlike single-use plastic based items. Our paper board is sourced only from FSC-certified forestries and include as much recycled content as possible.


What’s a template and how are they used with Templi?

Templates allow you to visualize where the printing & cutting will occur on press. By using them to layout your artwork, you have greater control over the print outcome, plus the ability to design custom backgrounds. Below are five steps and some tips to help save you a ton of time.

  1. Download the template from the art upload box.
  2. Open using Adobe Illustrator®.
  3. Layout your artwork using the marginal lines as a guide.
  4. Hide the Templi layer in your ‘Layers’ panel.
  5. Save as a PDF and upload to Templi.

Tip 1: Only use vector artwork for logos and backgrounds.

Tip 2: Check the top right corner of the template guide to see if you should use Spot colors or CMYK for your print color setup. Make sure to use the correct color pallet and avoid using RGB colors.

Tip 3: When applying art onto curved templates - click the art, then go to: Object > Envelope Distort. Try different percentages until you can match the curvature guides.

Tip 4: When using text in your designs - click on the text box, then go to: Type > Create Outlines. This will convert your font into vector artwork so that your fonts are set as print ready artwork.

What is the best type of file use with Templi?

Once you download the Templi template, please use vector based artwork and ensure that all type is converted to outlines. Once you've hidden the Templi layer, simply save the file as is and upload as the native Adobe Illustrator file. You can also upload as a PDF if you wish, but just make sure the Templi layer is hidden.

How do I make sure my artwork will print clearly?

A reason your art would not print clearly is if you are using rasterized artwork within your design. It’s best to only use vector based art with type converted to outlines. But fear not, our art experts will carefully inspect your artwork to make sure your designs are setup for success. We will contact you immediately if we see any room for improvements.

Why is the template grid showing up in the 3D rendering?

This is probably because the Templi layer was not hidden. No worries, simply go back into the template design and go to the Layers section within Adobe Illustrator. Then click on the ‘eye’ icon next to the Templi Layer to hide it. Then save and re-upload to Templi.

What if my art color doesn’t look right on the screen?

It’s important to keep in mind that all digital screens will show color slightly differently, so exact color matching is not possible. By specifying the print colors in the Templi interface and within your template, you can avoid any confusion.

What are Pantone colors?

The Pantone Matching System (PMS) assigns universal numbers to colors so your identity print colors can remain consistent throughout all branding touch points. PMS or ‘Spot’ colors are crucial tools in branding and graphic design to ensure uniformity.

What is CMYK printing?

CMYK is a combination of four colors; Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black. By using these four print colors, you can create any amount of color combinations by using only four plates or by using toner. CMYK is often best used for full color designs or to print images within your design.

Can Templi help set up my designs?

Once your designs are submitted, the Templi team will carefully inspect your artwork. In very short order, we can see what, if anything, can be improved. You can take our suggestions and make the improvements on your own, or it may be possible we can make those changes for you. We will always send you a final PDF proof for approval before we print your order.


What is the status of my order?

Once you’re logged in, you can always access the status of your order by navigating to the orders page. As the status of your order reaches production milestones, you will receive an automated notification via email. As always, production experts at Templi are standing by to answer any questions you might have by email or telephone.

How long will it take to receive my order after it’s placed?

Please refer to the product specifications where the delivery time is listed for each product. If it’s possible, we’ll ship your order out early. However, it’s important that we include some wiggle room to account for unforeseen production events. Please keep in mind that your delivery time does not start until after you approve the PDF proof supplied by Templi.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept credit card payments and bank wire transfers. For the latter, please contact us to discuss as it is not available through our website at the moment.

How do I cancel my order?

Once your order is approved and payment is received, it is very difficult to cancel. This is because we start working on your order right after it’s received. In some very unique cases, we may be able to cancel your order in time. Please contact us immediately if you wish to cancel your order and we’ll try to be as accommodating as possible.

Does Templi offer refunds if i’m not happy with my order?

Although we cannot offer monetary refunds on custom printed orders, if your order is not printed as per your approved PDF production proof, we will make it right by having your order re-printed right away.


Which shipping service does Templi use?

Templi uses UPS Ground & UPS Freight to ship our products.

What is a loading dock and what if I don’t have one?

A loading dock is an opening on the side of a warehouse which is approx 48” - 52” above street level. A trailer truck will back into this opening and unload your freight. This is how almost all freight moves around the country and is the most efficient. If you do not have a loading dock, the truck will need to come with a ‘lift gate’, which is really just a little elevator to take your freight from the truck and down to the ground floor. It will be your responsibility to take your boxes from the pallet and into your shop.

What’s the best way to receive my shipment?

The best way to receive your shipment is to have it send it to a warehouse if it’s more than 30 boxes or so. If you do not have a warehouse available, give us a call and we can recommend a distribution warehouse who can accept your goods, store them, and ship them out as needed. For example; the minimum order of thermal paper cups will consist of 60 boxes. That’s a lot of boxes!

How many boxes will arrive in my shipment?

Please refer to the product specifications where we mention the ‘Carton Packing’ details. This will show you how many units are packed per box and how large the boxes are.

Am I able to pick up the goods at the Templi factory?

Pickup is not available as an efficient Templi delivery option at this time.