2 Ply Pastry Gourmet Bags 5,000 MOQ Inline Printed | Wisconsin Converting

2 Ply Pastry Gourmet Bags 5,000 MOQ Inline Printed | Wisconsin Converting

Lead time: 60 business days

Wisconsin Converting's Custom Printed 2 Ply Pastry Gourmet Bags—an exquisite blend of functionality and brand distinction. These disposable pastry bags, crafted with precision, serve not only as a canvas for your unique brand identity but also feature a 2-ply design with a glassine lining. This innovative construction effectively contains grease from your delectable pastries, preventing any leaks to the outside.

At Wisconsin Converting, we go beyond traditional packaging expectations. In addition to the 2-ply glassine lining, our custom printed pastry bags offer a unique advantage—you can print your branding on all sides of the bag. This comprehensive branding approach ensures that every angle of your pastry bag showcases your business identity.

Ideal for bakeries, cafes, or patisseries, these bags enhance the customer experience while providing a protective and stylish packaging solution for your treats. Whether you're looking to feature your logo, tagline, or intricate designs, our bags offer a versatile canvas to express your brand personality.

Wisconsin Converting understands the importance of both form and function in packaging. Our custom printed pastry bags not only contain grease securely but also deliver a visually appealing presentation from every perspective. Elevate your brand recognition, customer satisfaction, and packaging aesthetics with our premium 2 Ply Pastry Gourmet Bags designed to meet the unique needs of your business.

Product Information

Production time
60 Business days
Products, Industries, Paper Bags, Cafés & Bakeries, Pastry Bags, Bar / Restaurant, Hotel / Resort, Paper Bags
Production Time
40_50, 60_70
Recyclable, Compostable
Made in USA

Things To Know

For custom printed goods, all production leads times start only once your supplier proof has been approved. Production time does not include transit time from supplier to your address. UPS/Fedex Ground can take between 1-5 business days, if shipping within USA. For Freight service, you can expect 2-7 business days. Lead times are not financially guaranteed.