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Are paper or plastic cups cheaper?

Are paper or plastic cups cheaper?

Nick O'Brien
December 26

For small quantities of non-printed cups, paper and plastic are very similar in cost:

Blank (non-printed)

16oz Paper Coffee Cups: 1,000 cups = $82

16oz PET Plastic Cold Cups: 1,000 cups = $79

When it comes to custom printing, the higher the quantity, the more economical paper cups become..but not by much. Let’s take a look at another rough estimate:

Custom printed 

16oz Paper Coffee Cups: 30,000 cups = $0.116 each

16oz PET Plastic Cold Cups: 30,000 cups = $0.127 each

Ultimately, the cost difference can vary based on specific requirements, such as cup size, quality, printing options, and customization. To determine the most cost-effective option for your needs, it's recommended to obtain quotes from suppliers for both paper and plastic cups based on your specific specifications and order quantities.

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