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Branded Must-Haves For The Brunch Spot

Branded Must-Haves For The Brunch Spot

Leah Shkolnick
January 5
Discover the best branded items for your restaurant that will enhance your brunch experience and elevate your establishment’s brand. From custom tray liners, postcards, and pens, explore the top branded items that will leave a lasting impression on your customers.

In a sea of stylized photos of pancake stacks, coffees and matcha, you’ll want to stand out. Here’s 3 items you’re going to need to make social media feeds, “For You Pages”, and get added to that list of need-to-try spots.

Tray Liners - Whether slipped underneath avocado toast or wrapped around a cone of fries, branded tray liners and sheets are a simple way to dress up a classic tray or bowl all while making sure to associate your restaurant with the dish being photographed.

Tray Liners.webp

Postcards - Paper clipped to your check at the end of your visit, postcards can act as a promotional tool as a way to remind your guests of upcoming events or specials. Often decorative, they can add character by displaying on tables or hostess stands featuring a variety of different themes or imagery. Plus, your guests can mail them to friends to show that they did in fact get up on time to make the reservation.


Pens - Speaking of receipts, signing one is often the closure of the meal. Add your restaurant’s name, logo or colors to a branded pen, and end on a high note.