Supplier Introduction: Greenpacks USA

Supplier Introduction: Greenpacks USA

Nick O'Brien
December 14

Greenpacks USA Custom Printed Cold Cups

Greenpack USA, your trusted partner in revolutionizing small quantity custom printed products.

Established in 2009, our journey began with a clear mission: to empower smaller businesses by providing access to custom products that elevate their brand and boost sales. Our commitment to this goal led us to traverse the globe, seeking out unique and impactful items to bring to the US market.

Driven by innovation, we established our own in-house manufacturing facility in Dallas, Texas, where we specialize in crafting high-quality custom plastic cups and custom coffee cups. Our product categories include these remarkable cups that are not only innovative but also proudly made and printed in the USA.

During our exploration, a discovery in Europe sparked a game-changing idea—the Groove Cup, also known as Ripple Cup. Unlike conventional cups with sleeves, these cups featured innovative grooves that provided insulation without the need for additional sleeves. Recognizing the immense potential for better graphics, enhanced brand recognition, and overall superior quality, we realized the challenges faced by individual coffee shops in acquiring these cups—high quantities, inconsistent printing, and lengthy overseas lead times.

Driven by the desire to address this specific need in the coffee cup market, we embarked on a groundbreaking endeavor. In 2013, we initiated the construction of the nation's first Groove Cup manufacturing facility in Dallas, TX. By January 2014, we proudly shipped out our first Made in USA Groove Cup, marking the beginning of a new era in custom printed cups.

Since then, Greenpack USA has experienced rapid growth, welcoming new customers and staying true to our mission of providing small quantity, custom printed Groove Cups and other exceptional products. We are dedicated to ongoing expansion, continuously evolving our product line to meet your unique needs. Connect with us, and let's explore the possibilities together. Discover how Greenpack USA can transform your brand with innovative, custom-printed solutions, made right here in the USA!

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