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How Many Inches Are Cocktail Napkins?

How Many Inches Are Cocktail Napkins?

Nick O'Brien
December 30
custom cocktail napkin

How many inches are cocktail napkins?

Cocktail napkins are almost always 5" x 5" square shaped.

Or 12.7cm x 12.7cm

They will usually have a 'coined edge' on two of the top sides. But what's more popular now for branded napkins, are the 'non coined-edge' styles, which allow you to design not just the top right section of the napkin, but the entire top surface area.

These full covereage design styles, are the 1 Ply Beverage Napkins and Air Laid Beverage Napkins. Or if you would be needing the lowest possible order quantity, you would look towards the Wedding Cocktail Napkins.

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