Supplier Profile: Stanpac

Supplier Profile: Stanpac

Nick O'Brien
December 26

Embark on the journey of Stanpac, a distinguished name in the packaging industry for over seven decades. Since our establishment in 1949, we have been the pioneers in crafting packaging solutions for the dairy and beverage industry, leaving an indelible mark on companies across the United States, Canada, and around the globe. Our legacy began with providing innovative closures for glass milk bottles, setting the stage for a company dedicated to excellence and inventive packaging.

Throughout our illustrious history, Stanpac has undergone a transformative evolution, diversifying our product offerings to cater to a myriad of markets, including ice cream, fluid milk, wine and spirits, and most recently, food service packaging. We have consistently adapted to industry trends and market dynamics, ensuring that our products meet the ever-changing needs of our customers.

Core Products

Glass Milk Bottles

Single Wall Coffee Cups with Flexo Printing

Single Wall Coffee Cups with Litho Printing